The diving dhoni departs every day at 9:30 and at 15:00 for half-day single dive excursions.

Most of the dive sites are within 15 to 40 minutes from Soneva Fushi. No more than 12 divers will be on the boat.
Night diving usually happens on the house reef, where one can experience many of the the colors and creatures of the Maldives.

Full day excursions will bring you to the most remote, unspoiled and diverse dive sites of the Baa Atoll.
It usually takes one and a half hours to reach the first dive site. This is followed by lunch close to one of the many uninhabited
islands where one can take a walk on the white beach or swim in the lagoon. On the way back to Soneva Fushi, we stop for the second dive,
returning to the Resort for the sunset.

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Diving conditions around Soneva Fushi vary with the seasons.
From December to April the visibility is at its best and can be as much as 50 meters! Seas are calm from February until April.
From May to November the Visibility is reduced and 15 to 20 meters is normal. The main factor for the reduced visibility is the plankton
which attracts many manta Rays and the occasional whale shark. Seas are generally moderate to rough during May till November.

Turtles, sting rays, sharks, eagle rays, frog fish, and all the other variety of fish can be seen throughout the year.

Private dives are available upon request.
Please do not ask us where we will dive the next day! We only decide on the last moment, after evaluating the weather and current conditions.