a few words about usSince 1995 we are at Soneva Fushi

Soleni Divecenter

The Soleni Dive Centre opened on Soneva Fushi in October 1995. Until December 1998 it was the only diving school operating in the Baa Atoll. Thomas Wälchli and Elisabetta Benini have had a long experience teaching diving in the Maldives before deciding that Soneva Fushi was ‘the’ island. Their policy has always been to offer quality rather then quantity.

Soleni Crew

Special attention is given to all divers, whether they are experienced or only beginners. The diving groups are kept small. Our instructors go beyond the normal supervisory line of duty, sharing with you their enthusiasm for diving. …

– Thomas Wälchli / Founder

How we work Safety first

Boats and dive centre are equiped with:
– Oxygen units
– first aid box
– mobile phones
– CB radio.
– Surface markers are given to all divers.
– Mineral water is available on the boats.
To avoid dehydration, make sure you drink enough water during your diving holiday


Why dive with us There are many islands to dive – why choose us?

This question is best answered by one of our clients.
“Champagne” diving with your friends is how I describe why I dive with the Soleni team year after year. Every single dive, even if we have been to a site before, feels like your first dive there due to the enthusiasm, care, fun, attention and professionalism Thomas and his entire Team show each of us as individuals, and now our son too. You feel part of a unique family that welcomes you “home” in the Maldives and under it too!
So, why dive with Soleni? My short answer is that I cannot think of one single reason why anyone would not dive with any of the Team….. again and again and again!!
Sandra McQuillan