Welcome to “Ever Soneva So Natural”, the office of Soneva Fushi’s resident biologist Federica, who joined Soneva Fushi in November 2011.


The “Ever Soneva So Natural” office is located in the Diving Centre on the sunset side of Soneva Fushi. Here you are welcome to stop-by and ask anything about sea life and environment. You can consult several identification books in different languages, ask for suggestions, take a close look at some incredible creatures with our own microscope.
Federica has a vast experience in marine life and offers daily snorkelling tours to our house-reef or nearby ones. Baa Atoll boasts some of the most unique marine life in the world and has recently been proclaimed UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Through the guided tours we will emphasise the beauty and diversity of coral reef animals, as well as introducing you to the different world of the coral reef at night.
Twice a week, slide presentations with different topics are given that may offer you even more insight into the coral reef world. The level of the presentations is intended for an interested but not specialised audience.